Cannot install Plug-in, please try again. Error code -4

Hello, it looks like XD has issue while parsing manifest.json file. If plugin version is higher than 99 installation fails with “Cannot install Plug-in, please try again. Error code -4”.

In my case plugin version is "version": "0.7.144" and I can’t install it. If I replace plugin version to 0.7.99 everything works.

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While I agree that this isn’t ideal, it is documented this way => I don’t think there’s any way to work around that, and at least for now, 99 is the maximum number any of the segments can take.

Cf. :

Version number of your plugin in x.y.z format.
Version must be three segments and each version component must be between 0 and 99 .

It sounds really weird. Are there any reasons for such solution?

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To be honest, I have no idea. I can ask around once the US colleagues are back from their Thanksgiving celebrations, though :wink:.

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