I'm having issue with Adobe XD plugin submission. Someone help me!

Last day I developed my first plugin for Adobe XD, and everything worked as I expected. But when I submitted it for review, I’m getting an error saying check your manifest. I have gone through all the FAQ sections and made modifications to manifest as recommended by Adobe. Still, I’m getting the error while submitting my plugin.

No error message other than “check your manifest”? It usually gives a more specific error.

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Please send your build to kwak@adobe.com I will check it on my end.

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Ya, Console should mention something about the error. Its kind a hard to understand the error.

One thing to try is to switch host.minVersion to 13.0.

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Thanks, @kerrishotts, host version is an optional section right?. @stevekwak helped me to resolve the issue. It was an error with icon size I accident named 48x48 as icon1 and 24x24 as icon 2.

Funny–in my experience at least with xdpm, it doesn’t check actual sizes.

I suppose the submission checking is more stringent?

Yeah, xdpm doesn’t validate that strictly. One of these days I’m hoping to have the validation APIs public so xdpm can use the same validation as the console.

I didn’t realize they were checking for ascending order in the manifest, though! Interesting find; wouldn’t have guessed that myself.

CC: @afuchs / @ashryan Worth checking on the backend to see what’s going on and how we can document it.

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Reaching out to the Console team. I’m fairly certain we intend to provide a more descriptive error for icon sizes.

@Rohit1521 do you remember roughly what error message you were getting? No worries if not, but it might help us track the issue down.

That’s the fun part. Console not even saying what the error was. Only saying fix the error(s) in the manifest and try again.it would be great if you mention this error in documentation or at least show icon size error instead of this error(s)

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Thanks Rohit. The intention is for the error message to be helpful. The Console team is now tracking this as an issue.