New icon requirement: 24px

Hi XD plugin developers: a quick update for you.


Starting yesterday, we require a 24px icon in your XDX when you upload your plugin to the I/O Developer Console. This is in preparation for stuff coming up in the next couple of Adobe XD releases.

There’s no impact on plugins that are already shipping in the XD plugin manager.

The next time you go to update your plugin (or the first time you ship a plugin ☆), be sure to provide the new icon size (the I/O Console will remind you if you forget).

Resource updates

Our manifest docs are updated to include the new icon size:

The starter project that the I/O Console provides you has also been updated with this change:

Finally, our plugin samples on GitHub have all been updated, including our Quick Start sample:

And finally finally, our xdpm CLI has been bumped to 3.0.1. Manifest validation includes the new icon size. Update via npm or check it out on GitHub:

So is it called icon@.5x.png?

24px becomes @1x now

Note that the @#x suffix doesn’t really matter as far as XD is concerned – it’s using the pixel sizes instead to figure out what icon to use.

The @#x suffix would only come into play if you used the same icon in your UI.


And if you don’t find the 24px version you’ll scale down another?

On submission, if the web wizard doesn’t find an icon, it will prompt you.

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As Paolo mentions, the I/O Console will prompt you to provide any missing icons in your XDX.

And for plugins that are already public, yes, the application will scale down for now. The next time you go to update an existing public plugin, you’ll need to include the new icon.