How to add an Icon to the plugin?

I noticed that some plugins have icons. What is the correct way to add an icon to the plugin? :thinking:


Plugins that come from the plugin manager get their icon set during submission (which we’ll talk about next week).

But you can also include icons in your manifest, by adding an icons key:

"icons": [
        "width": 96,
        "height": 96,
        "path": "path/to/icon.png"

You can have several of these – ideally you should have a version for 24x24, 48x48, and 96x96, and (if you want), a 512x512 version.


Hi Kerri.

I’ve added icons to the manifest of my Lorem Ipsum plugin. Are they supposed to show up in the manage plugins screen after I installed the packaged .xdx?

For me, it doesn’t show the icon (in version Prerelease) in the plugin manager after I declared the icons in the manifest (it still shows the default default icon).

Thank you ver much in advance :+1:

IIRC, won’t show the icons, even if they’re in the manifest. If you want to check what they will look like in the next release, feel free to DM me your .xdx file and I’ll run it on my machine to see what I get. :slight_smile:


here is an XD file with a Plugin Manager UI I use to test my icons.
Hope it will help. (71.5 KB)


Love how you use adobe xd to design adobe xd. This is so inception. :top: