Please include the icon when a panel plugin is active

It’s disconcerting when a panel plugin is selected from the plugin list, and its accompanying icon just disappears.

The “principle of least surprise” would leave that icon next to the plugin name on the upper left, just like it appears in the plugin list. And the user loses a critical contextual & visual clue as to what’s running in the panel–she has to read the tiny plugin name to really know.

For now, we have to display our own plugin icon somewhere at the top of our panel content, which seems wasteful and will only be done inconsistently.

You’ll be happy to know that plugin icons will appear in the header in XD 24.

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Great–good news! Thanks.

I guess we’ll have to submit new plugins for XD 24 with our own icon removed…

You don’t have to, but it might look a little strange if you don’t. :wink:

Oh, and can you ask them not to mask the icon with a subtle rounded corner? Destroys details of an overall effect.

Oh, and also, can you bug them about using a higher-resolution icon in the list (and now the header)? It’s still low-res in XD 22, after it was pointed out months ago.

And now I see that XD 24 does indeed use the appropriate icon in the plugin list and in the plugin panel itself.


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What one is it using?

Don’t know, but it’s now Retina-quality, so at least @2x when displaying in a @1x space.

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OK that means it’s using 24 x 24 icon and 48 x 48 icon on a retina.

Yes, that’s my best guess.