XD 22 still has low-resolution icons in plugins list

Looks like it’s still using the icon@1x (24px) icon in a 24px x 24px image. Should be using at least the @2x so it looks decent on Retina screens.

It makes the plugin list look bad, which is not what you want at your premier panel roll-out…

Thanks for the feedback. CC: @afuchs

@cpryland, do you mean icons in the Discover/Manage Plugins list, or icons in the Welcome screen “Add-ons” list? Are you seeing this for all plugins or just the one(s) you’ve authored?

On my Retina MBP screen, icons in the Discover/Manage Plugins view are definitely using the 2x images.

The icons in the main “top-level” plugins panel.

I just installed “Swapper” and it also looks low-res, though, yes, so far I was only looking at xdpm-installed development plugins.

Yes, the plugins in the plugin manager dialog list appear to be Retina.


Still bad in the latest XD release. Look at these two screenshots. One is the plugin panel listing of installed plugins, with a blurry icon, and one is the plugin itself open displaying the icon@2x.png, sized to 24x24.

I’m surprised this never got addressed…

Yes, I agree. On retina the list looks really bad with the low-res icons.