Reuse icons in plugin

In my plugin I’d like to graphically show the type of SceneNode that is selected.

For example, if someone selects a Rectangle, I’d like to have an icon of a rectangle in my plugin UI. Or if they select a Ellipsis then I’d like to show that.

I can make my own Graphic icons and show them (Text, Rectangle, Path, etc). But would it be a good idea to use the same icons that XD is using in it’s UI in plugins for consistency? If so are these icons available for plug in developers to use? Does this make sense?

The XD icons used in XD are not available through the APIs for you to use. Considering the shapes are generally simple, you could definitely use your own to show users what they have selected. Great idea!

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Furthermore, if you would like to have some XD icons available, please file a feature request. There might be some areas where we can make icons available.

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