Icon in Plugins Panel & CC Desktop not working

I am looking to get the icon in my plugin working in the plugins panel in-Photoshop as well as getting my icon to show up in Creative Cloud Desktop. I have added my manifest JSON file in the attached ZIP file.
When I build for loading via the DevTools and/or install the packaged CCX of my plugin, the icon shows up when it’s docked, but does not show up in the ‘Plugins’ menu nor does it show up in CC Desktop when installed (images added in attached ZIP). I have referenced another manifest file that I know is working. I have all icon files in the proper icons/ directory of the proper scales (image added in attached ZIP).
Any ideas on what I’m doing wrong here?
plugin_icon.zip (5.4 KB)

CCD won’t show the icon for locally installed .ccx files, but the plugin panel will.

What’s the resolution of the icons?

The @1x icon is 23x23, the @2x icon is 46x46, and the @3x icon is 69x69.

I followed the guide for “The Plugin Icon” here (Made 2 icons, plugin@1x.png at 24x24 and plugin@2x.png at 48x48 - not transparent, defined at top level of file) and still not seeing it in the plugin panel - just seeing the lego brick icon.

@kerrishotts I got it working - I took a look at plugin.png icons from this sample project which worked - but the files I was creating weren’t. Maybe some sort of encoding issue? I modified the png files from the sample project and then it started working for me.

Possibly? Can you share the icons you’d created?

It looks like the issue is that the images that weren’t working were saved as grayscale. The RGB ones are working.
Here’s a set of grayscale and RGB icons:
grayscale_rgb_icons.zip (8.1 KB)

@ryanpfalz, how did you save as RGB? I also have the same issue, but I’m unable to solve it. I even did what you say worked for you - took starter icons and just edited them in Paint.NET app on Windows. Still see Lego brick :frowning:

@Karmalakas I believe I just changed the color mode of the document in Photoshop. Do the unedited images from the starter project work for you?

Which color mode did you change to?
And how do I check if unedited starter icons show up if they are same as defaults I guess - Lego bricks? :slight_smile: I mean no matter how I change icons, I always see a brick. Renamed, colored, grayscale…

@Karmalakas Just standard RGB mode. To test I tried using the manifest and icons from this sample project

Something is definitely wrong. I checked another plugins manifest I have already installed through marketplace and did the same - changed width and height to 48 in manifest and it worked. Even my icons are 23x23 @1x and 46x46 @2x