[Console Update] Screenshots and new requirements

If you already have existing plugins in the Plugin Manager, you might be wondering how does this Console update affect you.

The good news is that this update will not break your plugin. However, you might want to submit a patch update to enjoy new Plugin Manager features that will help your plugin’s discoverability.

The following is the list of new additions in this update. Make sure to read the new plugin submission guide.

  • You can now include up to 5 screenshots of your plugin
  • You can indicate whether your plugin requires a separate standalone app or requires logging into a service
  • You can choose up to two categories for your plugin.

If you decide to submit a patch update, you will realize the submission requirements have changed as well. For details, read the manifest documentation and the new plugin submission guide.

Following is the list of requirement changes.

  • The manifest has gotten much simpler. You no longer need to include marketing related fields in the manifest, such as description, summary, releaseNotes, keywords, languages, website, author, and helpUrl. You can now provide this information when you submit your plugin in the Console.
  • You are only required to include two icon sizes (24 and 48) in the package. These icons will be used in XD’s plugins panel. Separately, you will be asked to include three sizes of icons in the Console (48, 96, 192). These icons will be used in your Plugin Manager listing. This separation of icons used in-app versus icons used in the Plugin Manager gives you a tighter understanding and more control over how users experience your plugin icons.
  • Console now has tooltips and added validations to help facilitate the submission process

Hopefully, this helps you transition into the new way of submitting your plugin. If you have feedback or suggestions, please comment below.


Note that this change will go into effect tomorrow, September 25th.


Are fonts considered as a separate application?

Can you update Changelog of XD Plugin docs since this updates effects structure of XD manifest.json?

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We usually only include change logs when a new XD release comes out. However, I do see this being useful. We will discuss internally.


Thanks for asking Paolo. Let us get back to you on this one.

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Sorry to see the separation of icons. It’s easier to list them all in one place (under source control, etc.) than have two different places to specify.


Can you change things like description, summary, etc. without re-submitting a new plugin version?

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I always worry about categories–it seems like our products (at least in Exchange, etc.) didn’t fit into pre-determined categories.

Or are these user-specified? Why two?

@afuchs could you provide a few more details around the thinking behind this new approach? (icon / re- submssion / categories)

The IO console requires 1200x960 screenshots. Will they be shown 1:1 or will be scaled down in the new Plugin Manager?

Tagging @afuchs again here

They’d have to be scaled down, with perhaps full-size available on a click, given that the Plugin Manager window is rarely 1200x960 or more.

It would be helpful to see a preview of how the new Plugin Manager will look, especially the plugin’s detail.


Yes, please–this is quite important so we know what kinds of screenshots would be most effective.


Any news regarding fonts and scaling of screenshots?

Can you add screenshots independent of the plugin version? I submitted a version previously and want to add another screenshot but I don’t have any changes to the xdx.

It seems you should increase the version number at least.

Yes, but some of the Adobe postings implied you could add screenshots without changing anything else.

Can Adobe folks confirm/deny? @ashryan @stevekwak?

To make any updates to the listing information (screenshots, copy, etc), you have to submit a new build with a bumped version number.

We realize this isn’t ideal, but metadata-only submissions are something that will take us longer to be able to support.

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