Plugin marketplace no longer supports manifest v3?

I tried submitting new version today and for the first time I’m seeing this:

I assumed it’s something with the manifest but I wasn’t sure. I looked around the forum and plugin docs and there isn’t any update or notification on this topic (it’s possible that I’ve missed it). UXP Developer Tool still packages the plugins with manifest v3 (there is no update available to the tool).

Then I’ve modified the manifest to v4, created the new icons (now 4 instead of 2 files because of the @1x and @2x version of each), packaged all the files to .xdx manually and the submission (upload and extraction of the .xdx) to the marketplace was accepted.

Can someone confirm this please? Here is how the v4 manifest and the icons look now:


  "manifestVersion": 4,
  "id": "44763603",
  "name": "UI Copy",
  "version": "1.0.1",
  "main": "main.js",
  "host": {
    "app": "XD",
    "minVersion": "36.0.0"
  "entrypoints": [
      "type": "panel",
      "id": "uiCopyMain",
      "label": { "default": "UI Copy" }
  "icons": [
    { "width": 24, "height": 24, "path": "images/icon24.png", 
      "scale": [1, 2], "theme": [ "all" ], "species": [ "pluginList" ]
    { "width": 48, "height": 48, "path": "images/icon48.png", 
      "scale": [1, 2], "theme": [ "all" ], "species": [ "pluginList" ]