Plugin Submission is Live!

Submit Your Plugins!

Guess what?! Plugin submission is live! Create and submit your plugins via the Adobe I/O Console.

There are two steps to this process — first, you’ll create a plugin on the I/O Console, which will get you an official plugin ID. Then you’ll submit your plugin files and metadata, which will then be reviewed for inclusion into the plugin manager.

  • Note: Some of the links may appear to be broken; we’re building out the content and hosting for the links right now!

Before continuing, be sure to review the Adobe Brand Guidelines so you have a good idea of what to avoid in your plugin name, description, and icon.

Creating a new plugin on the console

  • Click “Create Plugin”
  • Provide a unique name for your plugin. This is what your users will see in the plugin manager.
    • This will be visible in the public plugin list.
    • Think carefully here! Right now this can’t be changed later.
    • Avoid confusing uses of “Adobe” or other Adobe product names in your title. (See page 5 in the Adobe Brand Guidelines.)
  • Once created, you’ll receive a unique eight character plugin ID. You will need to replace your current ID in manifest.json with the supplied ID. Failure to do so will result in a rejection upon submission.

Preparing for submission

You’ll need the following in order to submit your plugin:

  • An icon

    • 512x512, PNG or JPG, < 1MB
    • Avoid putting anything important in the extreme corners as there may be a rounded rectangle mask applied to your icon
  • A description of your plugin.

    • 1000 characters max; text only (no formatting).
    • This will be public in the plugin list.
  • A link or email for users to get support.

  • Your plugin packaged as an xdx file.

    • Compress the contents of your plugin folder, not the folder itself.
    • Don’t include files that are unnecessary to the functioning of the plugin. (For example, don’t include “.git” or your original source code if you’re using a bundler like webpack.)
    • Rename your compressed file to have an extension of xdx.
  • A Publisher Name (45 characters max).

    • This will be public in the plugin list.
  • Be sure to check out our Onboarding and User Experience post for some ways to make your plugin accessible to new users, and to ensure that it is robust and stable.

Submitting your plugin

  • Once you’re ready to submit your plugin, go back to and click “View” for the plugin you’re ready to submit.
  • Next, click “Submit for Review”
  • Follow the prompts. You’ll be asked for the above information.
  • When complete, you should receive an email indicating that your submission was received. NOTE: Your plugin’s page on does not indicate the status of the submission.
  • When the plugin is approved or rejected you’ll receive an email indicating the status.

Important Dates

  • Today: Prerelease build should drop later today
  • Oct 7: Last day to submit for listing in the plugin manager for MAX
  • Oct 15: XD Extensibility go-live at MAX
    • You can make any repositories, sites, etc. public

A quick question: Will the link (to the support website) be checked as well? I’m asking since I’m still working on the support material (and because of the NDA, the website isn’t online, yet)…

Thank you very much in advance :+1:

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Suggestion the “Starter Project” could have the icon already in 512px :slight_smile: too lazyyyyyyy.

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Where should we add the email?

You’ll add it when you submit your plugin in the final step.

2 links on the Adobe I/O Console don’t work, Developer Community and Submission Guidelines:



Yeah; some of those links on the console will be 404 until October 15.

But wouldn’t a) developer community link to this site? and b) we need to know the submission guidelines? Is there another link for that?

Developer community encompasses more than just this forum, so we’re going to have a separate landing page for that.

Submission guidelines is currently covered by Adobe Brand Guidelines, but we are developing a TL;DR that has some XD-specific examples. In the meantime the link (esp page 5) should work. Hopefully! If you have any questions, though, let us know!

Thanks kerri, thats super helpful.

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Kerri, the Storage guide ( does not contain any reference to createFile or createFolder.

Thanks – I forgot to pull our tech references. I’ll do that later tonight.

What version of XD should I be on? I have 13.11 and its just tells me coming soon. Is there another release that I need?

Hi Kerri, I just saw that most plugins in XD are in coming soon. I mean that when you click on an installed plugin on the artboard a popup appears that says “Coming soon…”.

I can’t understand if developers submitted a demo plugin or if XD forces the coming soon mode until the official XD plugins release.

What are you referring to? When you launch a plugin, or when you go to submit your plugin?

These plugins are just placeholders at the moment – they are being used for some testing purposes internally.

Thanks Kerri, I would like to submit a plugin. Is it enough to send a “placeholder” or you need a full version ?

Please send the full version so that it can go through the verification process.

That is correct. Drew motioned that there should be another beta version that allow access to the Plugins which would allow for testing. Did I miss understand him?