Review Delays

I have sent an updated version of my plugin 18 days ago but is still in “pending” status.
I tried contacting without luck. Did not receive any answer.

I don’t know if this is the right place to ask but does anyone facing the same issue?
Is there any other way to contact review team?

Thanks in advance.

Note that with MAX 2020, things have slowed down quite a bit, and there is a decent backlog. It may take a little while to clear things up.
CC @ashryan

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Sorry for the wait. Indeed, we do have a backlog related to both to the usual ramp-up in traffic around MAX, and issues in transitioning to a new review system. The team is working as quickly as possible to get caught up.


Thanks for the reply…
Another problem that i am facing is that now i have a rejected status without any email with the reason.
cc @ashryan

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks @billkirim. I would be very surprised if the team didn’t send an email, but happy to find out more. Note that emails go to the email address associated with Adobe ID of the person submitting the plugin.

So we can investigate further, please send an email to with:

  • Your plugin name
  • Your plugin ID

If we need further details, the team can follow up with you directly.

I have already sent an email to

The details you asked (also attached in the email)
Plugin ID: 15bdcf64
Plugin Name: Useberry

Thank you! @ashryan


Thanks! I’ll check with the team once they are back online tomorrow.

Thanks @ashryan. I will wait for your feedback.

You’ll have a response momentarily. It sounds like the second submission didn’t go through successfully.