Is everything OK with plugin review process?

It used to take a day to review plugin submission. Also, after a version was submitted, we used to get a confirmation email. 3 days ago I submitted user reported bugfixes for my 2 plugins. Not getting any confirmation email seemed a bit odd, but decided to wait. 2 days ago I tried to contact directly, but never got any response.

@pklaschka, @amandah, any insight maybe?
I feel really very bad telling users, that the fix, which took to implement couple of hours might be landing some time in 10 days :confused: And I would really prefer to not send fixed CCX directly

I submitted a patch 2 days ago and one yesterday. I have received mail notifications for both submissions. But they are not reviewed yet.

So I guess my concern is legit, because I didn’t get any notifications like I used to

March 8th was a major holiday in India. I suspect the new portal launch has slowed reviews because it took some effort from the Review Team. It’s also possible that with the new portal launch, way more people than usual are submitting patch updates to take advantage of new features.

It also may matter a lot if you’re talking about UXP or ZXP, and where you submitted them (the Console or the new Developer portal?)…

Usually the email address is spelled like

I’ve submitted via new Distribution portal 2 UXP updates. Usually the second submission was made, I used to receive confirmation, but this time in both cases I didn’t receive any email. Should I try sending an email to your provided address or just wait?

Hi @Karmalakas,

It’s entirely possible there’s an email bug…

You may email that address if you like, however, behind the scenes I’m told there’s a lot going on and some people are out sick, so please be patient.

Yep, I wrote yesterday, but still silence.

I submitted a new plugin on March 3rd and have never received any confirmation as of today March 11 it’s still in review but no emails

I just now got approval for both submissions. On Sunday :astonished:

Thank you all for your patience. We should be back on track with our backlog of reviews now and are also checking any potential issue with the email notifications.

Whats your plugin id?


Thank you, the plugin in question has now been approved.