16 days gone, plugin neither accepted nor rejected

I have a plugin called ‘Instant Color’. Version 0.0.4 is currently published.

However, I pushed the version 0.0.6 update 15-16 days ago.
It’s neither accepted nor rejected.

What’s the situation here? Can anybody here from the plugin development team explain?


I can’t speak for Adobe, but I imagine with the big MAX crush finishing up right now (starts Monday), this would be the worst time imaginable to push a version update through.

One assumes it’ll get better after this coming week.


@nahid1146, Given the deluge that is Adobe MAX, plugin approvals are going to be slower than normal. IIRC, the deadline for a submission to go live by MAX was October 16 (not sure if you submitted before then or not; sounds like you might have just missed it).

CC @ashryan (FYI, in case you want to add anything.)

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Yes, this is indeed related to a great influx of submissions leading up to MAX. Our response time is usually much lower than this.

Now that MAX is in full swing, I’m hopeful we’ll be getting through the remaining submissions over the next week.

Our apologies for the wait

Yep, one of ours which was lagging for several weeks (not urgent, since it’s a dev-only plugin, Layers 4 Devs) finally popped out today.

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I didn’t see any warning about Adobe MAX when I submitted the update on 16th October. Matter of fact, I didn’t even know when Adobe MAX was going to happen.

21 days passed, still neither accepted nor rejected. Waiting. Frustrating developer experience.

Hi @nahid1146

I in no way intend to sound unfriendly or condescending here, if you find the experience to be frustrating, that’s your opinion and ok :slightly_smiling_face:. I will say, however, that there were places where this information was available, including:

Both the newsletter and the blog are very much invaluable resources for plugin development. I therefore cannot recommend following them enough when you’re a plugin developer, as in my experience, such events (as was this one) are very much visible and transparent there.

I do, however, agree that it was unwise that when submitting a plugin in that timeframe, the email response still said “[we] will respond within the next 10 business days.”… If, at some place (like in this email), a timeframe is mentioned, it should be in this place that it should either get stated that there may be exceptions or specific notice about delays due to a current event, to avoid confusions like here :wink:

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I in no way intend to sound unfriendly or condescending here, but I think Adobe XD needs to learn a bit UX here.

I would have appreciated if there was a simple warning banner about the possible extended delay on the Adobe XD console because that’s where 100% of the developers go to submit their plugin.

100% of the developers don’t sign up to a newletter.
100% of the developers don’t read Adobe Tech Blog.

I agree that a banner, too, could be useful in such cases. I do, however, find it more important to include such info in the mail one receives after submission where a timeframe of said 10 days explicitly gets mentioned. To my knowledge, nowhere in the console does it give any information about how long the review process needs, meaning there’s also nothing (besides, perhaps, personal experience) that would suggest shorter review times. In the mail (which all developers get), however an expectation of that time is given, meaning this is the place where such a notice is crucial.

Of course, a banner would also be helpful, but the place where I think this information is actually necessary is the mail (also, because this is a document one, hopefully, retains with which one could contact Adobe staff stating “in this email, you’ve specified time X. I’ve not heard of you since and would like to know why”, while a banner may not be visible when searching for reasons for a slow response).

I am frustrated exactly because of that explicit mention of 10 days timeframe in the email.
I knew it would take 10 days at most for the review process to complete.
So when 6 days more than the timeframe has passed by, I posted the query here.

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Agreed that we can do better. And for what it’s worth, your posting the question here is welcome. This is the place for it.

I’ll spare you the specific reasons why the overall delay has happened (the last month has been the exception to what is typically a much faster process). But will note that there are a number of teams iterating on the submission, review, and publishing experience all of the time.

What I’m hearing is that you’d like to see a couple of things, at least:

  1. Timely information surfaced in the Console itself
  2. Email confirmations that convey dynamic information about expected wait time

We will make sure these items get considered for the backlog. Feel free to add more comments if you have them.