1 of 3 plug-ins is deployed but not listed

hi there i have developed my third Photoshop UXP Plugin.
And have deployed it.

The plugin has successfully passed the review, and i had configured as “auto list after review”

but some how this plugin can’t be find on the marketplace and its also not listed under my other plugins.

Do you have any idea why that could happend to only tihs plugin?
I have deployed three plugins in the same way, but i don’t understand why i can just see two of them in the market place…

any hint?

I saw some messages overnight about a deployment happening… perhaps there’s a delay. How long ago did you pass the review?

If your listing still hasn’t appeared by Monday, reach out to ccintrev@adobe.com

First submit was 4 days ago.
yesterday it was confirmed (but not listed)

today i published again (just added a . to the description)…
i also changed the payment method from my other plugins.

and a few hours later the changes were confirmed by all three plugins.

but still … plugin 1 and 2 are listed … and the third is not.