Cannot find published panel/plugin

I have had a Photoshop panel/plugin published, but I cannot find it on or within the plugin browser in Photoshop. It has been more than 24 hours since publication (Apr 20, 2023 10:19:06 to be exact), but it doesn’t appear to be listed. Am I missing something? I have scoured the Adobe Developer Distribution pages for my listing but I cannot find anything that would enable it on the exchange/marketplace.

Any help would be appreciated.

  1. Is your plugin Smartify Layers? Certainly can’t find it.

  2. If you chose to publish manually when you submitted, it may not have been published yet.

  3. Since Developer Distribution was launched relatively recently, there may still be some bugs. This time it is likely. In that case, it is announced that you should contact

It shows as “published” and only gives me options to “retract” in the Developer Distribution listing.
I don’t remember an option to manually publish, but even if I did I can’t find any mechanism to manually push it forward.

I have emailed for additional support, hopefully they can tell me what I missed.

In the case of manual publication, I remember that the retract button is set to “Publish”.

The issue was caused by having a caption for the video in the marketplace listing that was longer than 255 characters. There is a downstream dependency that will fail if this value is longer than 255 characters.

Changing the video caption to be less than 255 characters and re-submitting fixed the issue.

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