Can't publish a new update

After updating my plugin, I can’t perform a delayed publication and get the following error:
“422, Invalid action update. Unable to PUBLISH when versionListMarket is in status PUBLISHED”

plugin id: 4b69c6fc

Please help!

Are you using new developer distribution portal? I think you can’t publish anymore via developer console

There is no more possibility to upload directly from the console. It links to the new portal. So I assume that he is doing it through the distribution portal.

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The old portal does not have the possibility of publishing now. The error occurs on the distribution console.

Pinging @pklaschka to forward it to the right people.

Thanks for pinging me, @tomzag, and for reporting this, @Alexandr_Stroganov.

To make sure I understand the workflow, could you, @Alexandr_Stroganov, please confirm if the following statements (i.e., my understanding) are correct:

  1. You submitted the plugin through the new Developer Distribution portal on Loading... | Adobe Developer Distribution (after its release on Thursday).
  2. You selected to publish it manually later (not publishing it automatically after approval).
  3. This is an update to an existing plugin (instead of a totally new plugin), i.e., there already exists a published version on the marketplace.

I’ll make sure to forward this to the right people.

Thanks in advance,

The new update was submitted through the old console.
The update was approved on 21 February before the release update of new Distribution Console.
The attempt to update occurs through the new distribution console.

I understand that the problem is that the update was sent through the old console, and I try to publish the update in the new one. But it also shows me in the new distribution console that my update is ready for publication, but an error occurs that I described above.

What action should I take now?
Upload the same update under the new version from the new distribution console or wait for my problem to be solved.

Maybe there is an opportunity to publish my update manually on your side?

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@Alexandr_Stroganov Thanks! And it should still have worked (no matter where you submitted it) => this is a problem on our end.

If we’re lucky, it might be working now (if not, we’ll have to look deeper into it next week). Could you maybe try (the same thing) again and see if it works now? Thanks!

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Thank you, the plugin was successfully published, but the notification didn’t come to my e-mail, as it was before with old portal.

Awesome! I’ll make sure to forward the thing about the email, but I’m happy to hear you were able to publish the plugin!

Thanks and have a nice weekend!

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Thanks a lot for your prompt help!

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I can’t take any credit (I only forwarded the information), but I’ll deliver your message to @abhishg, who found the issue/solution :wink:

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