Can't update "Developer account / Public profile" bug

Before I can publish a new plugin version it asks me to update the public profile details (logo and description), but when I try to do that I get:

An error occurred while saving the publisher profile: 404: Bad request

Tried on Safari and Chrome.

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There’s a bug with the portal at the moment… we’re expecting a fix on Thursday!


The fix is in! I had one developer say it worked in Chrome, but not in Firefox.

Still getting the same error - tried in Chrome and Safari. Will try again later and tomorrow.

Have to bump this topic again, the error is still present. I’m persistent because I want to publish a new version of the plugin and without this being fixed I am stuck.

:sweat_smile: Please ignore my deleted reply. As I wrote it, @DrewEndick was having a conversation with the Console team that identified the problem…

@Erin_Finnegan thanks a lot, I got the email from Drew explaining the cause of the problem and how we can fix it :pray: