Is anyone else having trouble updating plugins on

Adobe’s looking into it, but can anyone else use Add New Version in the console for a published plugin?

All I get is a blank page, and even moving back in history, all I get is blank pages until I refresh the browser (Chrome). Same in Safari (macOS).

Just trying to find out if it’s only I, or a more general problem.

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I can confirm: blank page on adding a new version, both Safari and Chrome.

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(possble duplicate of Issues when submitting a new release in the IO console :wink:)

It’s not just you. At least @Velara and I also have the same problem.

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It’s a general problem. The teams involved are working on it. No ETA yet, but we consider it urgent.

We realize this is a showstopper for those of you who are trying to get, among potentially other things, your pre-MAX updates in now, well before the Oct 16 deadline. We appreciate that you’re moving early and acknowledge that we aren’t meeting you in the middle at the moment.

Please hold tight and we’ll provide updates for you as we have them.


Note that it’s been going on for some days now…


Noted! :slight_smile: We were aware and I should have jumped in more quickly to note the situation here.

We’ll post back here when we’ve got news.


Now the pages aren’t blank, but filling everything out properly and pressing Submit does nothing.

Now when I submit the .xdx file, the page goes blank.

Thanks for the updates - as you can see we are trying to fix this asap and making some progress. We will keep you updated!

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We’ve started receiving submissions once again. Thanks for bearing with us during this update. Please let us know if you experience any other issues.