Is the site broken?

Is it down for anyone else? After my username/password is verified the screen stays blank and doesn’t progress anywhere. I’ve tried on a mac and pc with the same result.


I contacted Adobe support via the chat feature on their main webpage and it seems to be working for others but they can’t help me with my access.

I feel like my acct has been restricted somehow. Can someone point me to the right person to ask help from?


It’s broken for me too.

I’ve let the team know about the issue. You’re not the only one, although I’m not sure how widespread it is.

cc @ashryan

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Thanks @kerrishotts


Hi there – the team identified the issue and is working on getting things back up and working. Resolution should be pretty quick if all goes to plan, so hopefully in a couple days you’ll be able to get back in.

Seems to be working again now.

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Thanks @kerrishotts for looking into this. All resolved.


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