About this category vs. Marketplace Support

Please note that posting in this forum is not the same thing as opening a support request. Although Adobe employees (like myself) do read this forum, if you are experiencing a bug with the Marketplace portal, please reach out to ccintrev@adobe.com. Include your pluginID, if you have one. Steps to reproduce the problem and screenshots are also helpful.

This forum category is useful for getting help from the community, or confirming that more than one user or developers are experiencing the same issue(s). It’s also a good category for asking questions and suggesting features; it’s not good for reporting bugs, but it is good for discussing bugs.

If you are experiencing a server error, please follow these instructions: Getting-Started-guides/Submit Review Monetize at master · Adobe-CEP/Getting-Started-guides · GitHub

If your users are experiencing issues with the Marketplace, please have them reach out to asupport@adobe.com

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