All plugins self-uninstalled in Photoshop 2022--those installed from the Marketplace and those installed locally

Interesting and troubling phenomenon just occurred. I started Photoshop 2022 for the first time today and all my plugins that I had installed, including those from the Adobe Marketplace and those installed locally, , disappeared. They are not found in the “Plugins” menu and they do NOT show as installed in the CCD app. In the CCD app, the plugins I had installed show the “Install” button (indicating they are NOT installed) instead of the “Installed” designation.

Even worse, all the “PluginData” files for these plugins have been deleted from my hard drive. Completely gone. There isn’t even a “PluginData” folder.

It’s like I never installed these plugins previously, except that CCD still has them listed in the “Manage Plugins” section. At least the one’s installed from the Marketplace. Locally installed plugins are not longer listed in the “Manage Plugins” section.

The “PluginData” folders for the plugins I install in developer mode survived. In fact, if I use the UXP Developer Tool to load my plugins I have in development, they work just fine and all the data related to these plugins is intact and loads as expected.

I went back to Ps 2021 and everything is missing there also.

I restarted Ps 2022 and the plugins I reinstalled after this mass-deletion occurred now show up, so starting a new Ps session doesn’t seem to be the trigger.

I’m on Windows 10 and have not received similar reports from customers (yet), but am completely baffled as to what caused this. I did NOT reinstall Photoshop 2022 or CCD or reset preferences.

This might be some weird one-off situation, but in my experience nothing ever only happens one time.

I had exact same experience a few months ago. Have no idea what happened. No updates or anything. One day was using Ps as usual, closed it and a few days later when opened there were no 3rd party plugins left except one. TBH didn’t even bother to figure out what happened - don’t have many plugins, so just reinstalled them. Also Win10

Rebooted computer and now everything shows up as properly installed again. Easy fix, but why did it happen in the first place???