Clicking velocity limited?

I know this sounds odd but I have an image button that does not appear to register clicks when clicked past a certain velocity.

Is there a max amount of click events that can occur per second?

I have increase and decrease font size buttons that work fine when I click slowly but if I click “fast” the buttons do not respond at all.

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Hmm… My guess is that the clicks are being seen as “double clicks” instead, and so no longer get handled. Can you share what events you’re listening for (click, pointer%, etc.)?

All I can tell is that it’s only the click event. Here’s the code for the button:

h("img", { src: "/icon.png", height: 32, width: 32, title: "Increase value", marginRight: model.marginRight, onclick(e) { increaseValue(); } }, "")

Listening to mousedown (or pointerdown?) instead of click would normally work around this sort of issue. @kerrishotts, is that event available in UXP?

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