Command line installation for CCX file

Hi all,
I’d like to install CCX by command line utility.

ExManCmd was used for CEP plugin.
I heard UPIA will be replaced to ExManCmd and also support UPIA.

Is this still in plan or any other solutions?
ex) CEP plugin could be installed by copying files manually.

Following page has UPIA’s info and parameter help.
Working from the command-line

And current latest UPIA seems same support and not included CCX support from command line help.

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The intended installation path is to execute the ccx file and let the OS associated installer take over from there.

For example, on macOS, you can open path/to/your-plugin.ccx, and the Creative Cloud installer will take over from there.

(You should avoid copying files manually as UXP relies a bit more on having a centralized database of plugins and assets. That will only increase in the future. We want to route everyone through the same installation mechanism to simplify support for both the dev, the user, and us.)

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Command line installation via UPIA is planned, but there’s no exact date for rolling it out.

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Hi Kerri and Erin,

Thank you very much for the info.
Yes, I’m looking forward the command line installation (and uninstallation).

For now, I’ve verified “start” command can invoke launcher on Win 10.

start path/to/your-plugin.ccx

Thank you,

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