CCX Install issue - user is missing the Unified Plugin Installer Agent

One of the user for my plugins can’t install the CCX file. It sounds like the OS is trying to open the file in Photoshop. I asked them to right-click and click “Open As” and then select the Unified Plugin Installer Agent. However, they said that is missing.

I then told them to contact Adobe Support. The response from Adobe support is in this screen shot below.

This CCX installer is working for everyone except 1 user, who is missing the Unified Plugin Installer Agent. Why is the Adobe support person turning them away back to me? There is nothing I can do to help them.

This CCX file was created with the latest UXP Developer tool with Photoshop 23.0.0.

@kerrishotts What is the tech support person talking about here?


I have had this with MAC when you update to OSX Monteray.
The fix I have found is to Uninstall Creative Cloud Desktop App, download it again from Adobe, reinstall it and this seem to fix it

I don’t know why Support is redirecting back to you or what that response even means — maybe they are thinking of CEP?

Anyway—first thing to try is uninstall Creative Cloud desktop and reinstall.

Ian, I just updated to monterey on my local machine — I’ll see if that repros for me.


Reinstalling Creative Cloud fixed it.

I was just concerned about if they were saying the plugin was old technology because it was UXP API 1 and not 2. It sounds like that isn’t the case.


Maybe this is what the tech support person was seeing. The UXP console will show API 1 as being deprecated when the plugin is loaded.