Why won't my plug-in install?

My computer is m1 computer, photoshop version is 2023, and when I install it, I always get an error, “can’t install plug-in, please try again”, the error code is -2, but my memory is sufficient and I went to check my “files and folders” and have permission, but this error is always reported, I really broke!! Why CAN’T YOU INSTALL IT!!

Is this a plugin you made, or a plugin you got from somewhere?

It sounds old fashioned, but try logging out of the Creative Cloud desktop app and literally restarting your computer. Then log back into Creative Cloud via the desktop app and try again.

Macs are very tempermental. Try moving the .ccx file to the desktop and installing from there. Error code -2 sometimes means your .ccx file is on a different drive or partition than your “UnifiedPluginInstallerAgent” which opens the .ccx installers.

But there are several causes for Error code -2. Sometimes you need to reinstall the Creative Cloud app on Macs to get installation to work: Uninstall the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop application

Just sharing some experience with .ccx files on Mac. Hard to know what the problem is exactly with Error code -2.

This is my own plug-in, it needs to be installed locally, but I have installed in many computers without problems, however, this is the problem, I have tried countless ways, but can not work, I am going crazy