Convert path anchor points to smooth?

Hi all, I am wondering if it’s possible to convert all the points of a path from corner (which is the default) to smooth(which can be done double-clicking on each individual point) by in a automatically manner.

Is there a way to achieve this via the plugin api? It doesn’t seem to exist this kind of info in the docs :frowning:

This functionality is not exposed via the APIs. Path objects can be modified/created using the pathData property right now. If you would like an API for this functionality, please create a feature request or convert this topic to feature request so people can vote.

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Might be worth searching npm to see if there’s a package that can smooth an SVG path. XD uses the SVG representation for pathData, so that might get you what you need.

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@stevekwak made it as a feature. Love to see it in the API :slight_smile:

@aldobsom I think you’re better off not requesting this as a feature, since there are literally thousands of different things you could do with the pathData, and this is just one of them.

Better to learn to massage pathData in general.