Selected point(s) on a path information via the API

It was a great event in London yesterday - the first date of the European Hello, XD Plugin tour (see @ashryan’s post on LinkedIn).

It always rewarding to chat directly to key Adobe people in the team including @ashryan, @kerrishotts and @peterflynn. Naturally, I made a selfish request :innocent: … the ability to gain information which point(s) are selected in a path so that we can apply vector manipulations via a future Astui API function to them.

However, in further testing today, I can think of two great and most-likely sought after uses of this request:

It should be trivial to make a plugin to split paths with this info from the API. Joining paths can be as complex as you like (detecting closest matched amongst a selection, etc.).

Here you go @kerrishotts and @peterflynn - stick it in and we’ll (ie. @Irina :smile:) will make a completely free XD plugin just to prove this!

Can any other devs out there see a use for selected point info via the API?

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We are going to put this one on the roadmap. the timeline will be updated in the future!

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Thanks Steve! Look forward to learning what timeline you’re looking at.