copyTo() - Storage providers don't match error

I’m trying to copy files to a user defined folder in the filesystem and I’m getting this error:

I’m getting the destination folder like so, and storing it in a global state object:

This is how I’m calling it:

and my requires look like this:

It all works fine if I set the destination as the “jpegFolder” entry like this:
good folder

I’m assuming that this lack of a match is due to the “collateFolder” that’s stored in my global state being retrieved by fs.getFolder() as opposed to getEntry, but I don’t really understand what it means by “storage providers”.

How can I use the user selected folder as the destination for copyTo?

Yesterday I had to deal with storage myself and not done yet (will continue today). Have to say - docs are a mess there… :frowning:

I believe storage providers are loacalFileSystem and secureStorage (probably localStorage and sessionStorage are also considered as providers)

What are your fs and jpegHighRes? Could it be they are somehow retrieved by using different providers?

Thanks for the response @Karmalakas, I agree, the docs could really do with some more detail re: storage.
In answer to your question - fs is as defined in my requires, and as is outlined in the docs. jpegHighRes is an entry that is a subfolder of a persistent token.

:man_shrugging: Sorry, I won’t be much help here :frowning: At least until I play around with storages more myself

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No worries!
Speaking frankly, storage seems overcomplicated, and is massively counter intuitive (e.g. having to make a session token for a persistent token to save a file)

I resolved this by using fs.createPersistentToken() instead of fs.getFolder().
I half understand the issue - the manner in which you get an entry on the filesystem also defines its storage provider, but beyond that I’m unclear as to the mechanics of it all.
What I find a bit bonkers is that the storage providers can’t work together, or at least that’s how it feels to me at the moment. When I’m no longer on the clock for a client I’ll have a more experimental poke at it.