Documentation typos

Not a big deal, but may confuse new users. In a lot of places you have the equal sign ‘=’ when passing in object properties in your examples. Such as this
const folder = await fs.getFolder({initialDomain = domains.userDocuments});

When it should use ‘:’
const folder = await fs.getFolder({initialDomain: domains.userDocuments});

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Hi @cwallstrom ,

Thanks for reporting this.

It’s already (somewhat) getting tracked in Wrong parameters and examples in `FileSystemProvider.getFileForSaving()` · Issue #53 · AdobeDocs/uxp · GitHub and createPersistentToken() is actually asynchronous · Issue #54 · AdobeDocs/uxp · GitHub (at least it’ll get fixed in the same batch that also fixes this issue; you can see them as “there are various issues with the file storage docs”). I’m already on it, unfortunately, updating this part of the docs is a bit of a process (it first has to get fixed on an internal code base from which new documentation gets generated :sweat_smile: ), but we’re on it :slightly_smiling_face: .