Create a font dropdown menu with UXP just like the one in Typetool

I’m working on a localization plugin that translates text layers to a target language. Now that I have the ability to set text, our artists would like to also set the font with an adjustment in font size. My questions are:

  1. can I make a font selection dropdown with UXP so that one can easily select from currently available fonts;
  2. what attributes are required to set a new font to a layer? Alchemist gave me the following (the part I believe is relevant):
"textStyleRange": [
               "_obj": "textStyleRange",
               "from": 0,
               "to": 12,
               "textStyle": {
                  "_obj": "textStyle",
                  "styleSheetHasParent": true,
                  "fontPostScriptName": "ArialMT", //where do I get this?
                  "fontName": "Arial", //a dropmenu is needed to select the name and the style
                  "fontStyleName": "Regular", //I only know how to accept user input, but these names will be too much to remember
                  "fontScript": 0,
                  "fontTechnology": 1,
                  "fontAvailable": true,
                  "size": {
                     "_unit": "pointsUnit",
                     "_value": 10.753338813781738
                  "impliedFontSize": {
                     "_unit": "pointsUnit",
                     "_value": 23.99999973390979