Create multiple tabs in a panel

How do I create multiple tabs in a panel? I’ve tried editing the manifest.json, but I can’t get it right or find anything that mentions this in the docs. Will they have to be different panels? If so, is it possible to have them load in one panel with tabs? I’m using react if that makes a difference. Here is an example that I’d like to recreate that have the tabs for one plugin.

It really depends on what you’re after. If you just want to show tabs (but not have each tab be separately dockable), then you can do that using any number of patterns. If you want each tab to be a panel with full dockability, then each tab needs to be a separate panel entry point.

Your plugin can have as many panels as you like, but note that there’s currently no way to group them, meaning that the user would have to manage the grouping themselves.

If you just want tabs that can’t be undocked, the ui-kitchen-sink sample shows this off.


Note that this does require some JS to work.