Creative Developer Summit - Thursday, June 8th, Phoenix, AZ

Hi all, we’re currently working hard to organize the next Creative Developer Summit, during the Creative Pro week.

The Creative Developer Summit will be on June 8 in Phoenix, AZ.

For some reason, I am unable to put links in this post (error message: ‘new users only allowed 2 links’, and despite only having exactly 2 links, it keeps on complaining).

So, search the interwebs for ‘Creative Developer Summit’ and there’s a good chance you’ll hit the right page.

The content of the ‘Creative Developer Summit’ page has not been finalized yet - it’s currently mostly a copy of what we did on our last dev summit.

We’re still working on the program for the 2023 Developers Summit. If you would like to be considered to present a session at the summit, please reach out to

charles.i.weger at

I will be running an interactive workshop ‘Pragmatic Extension Development’ on June 7.

More info about the workshop can be found on my blog, at

Again, I cannot put a link in, but if you visit my blog, you’ll quickly find the relevant page.

To enroll: before you begin, you need a discount code - email me kris at to get the code.

You can attend the summit and/or my workshop by registering for one or two days of the Creative Pro Week, on June 7 and/or June 8.

Go to the Creative Pro Week site, and click the ‘Register’ button.

When you register, use the discount code provided, which will also give you a 50% discount.

Please do NOT share, publish or abuse this discount code - it is only meant to be used for attending the developer summit and/or the workshop.

More details about the Creative Developer Summit will appear on the web page as we flesh out the program.