Creative Developers Summit next week! Now with free remote attendance!


If you’re developer or scripter, the summit is a great opportunity to network and interact with creative people, who are often the end-users of the software you’re developing. In addition, you get to brainstorm and meet up with fellow developers. The Summit emphasizes developers helping and learning from each other.

For 14 years, the Creative Developers Summit has been the top conference for developers working with Adobe Creative Cloud applications. This year, July 10 to 11 2024, it’s co-located with CreativeProWeek in Washington, DC,

What to Bring:

Scripts, extensions, and plug-ins.

Questions for experienced developers.

Steps to Register: either come and meet us, or attend remotely.

a) In-person attendance:

  1. Contact me ([ ]( the discount code.

  2. Sign up here: Creative Developers Summit | July 10-11

b) Remote attendance (free):

Enroll at Microsoft Virtual Events Powered by Teams

Featured Speakers:

James Lockman (Adobe)
Hamza Habeeb (Adobe)
Justin Taylor (Hyper Brew)
Caleb Clauset (Typefi)
Harbs (Santa Cruz Software)
Erin Finnegan (Adobe)
Kris Coppieters (Rorohiko)
Keith Gilbert (Gilbert Consulting)
Colin Flashman (colecandoo)

And more!

Important Reads:

Don’t dilly-dally. You can still register to attend remotely for free.

Register here for remote attendance:

The program, today Wed July 10, and tomorrow Thu July 11 can be found here:

I’m very confused what’s happening there. There’s some workshop going on, but it’s nowhere in the schedule. Is there some link for the main stream? Am I missing something?

You can register at

which will take you to the Teams meeting. We’re currently on break in the middle of having a hands-on session, so it might be a little disconcerting to jump in . If you register, you’ll also get access to the recordings. James Lockman had an interesting session at the start, which should be of interest, even when viewing the recording…

For more info, read the post at the start of this thread…

I’ve registered there and joined, but it’s just an ongoing workshop going on now for at least 1,5 hours :thinking: :confused:

Yes, that’s correct. Today is a hands-on workshop about integrating UXP and Firefly apis.

Tomorrow we have a day of individual, short sessions.

The program for tomorrow is on this page:

I feel so silly now… :disappointed:
I got completely confused in the sessions table and didn’t notice it’s for tomorrow. Also I didn’t even think that there’s only one table for sessions :man_facepalming:

Sorry for disturbing and such a silly confusion

No worries! See you tomorrow?

Yes, I should be there :pray:

Welcome to day#2 of the Developers Summit! It’s not too late, you can still get in and register for free as a remote attendee!

A bit of housekeeping:

Yesterday we had a great hands-on workshop run by James Lockman and his team, and I took away a lot of useful insights and understandings - thanks so much James and team!

Today we’ll have a number of sessions in fairly quick succession. There is no Q&A after the sessions - there is a single Q&A session at the end of the day.

Registration is free for remote attendees.

Both remote and in-person attendees need to log into the MS Teams session - if you have not registered yet, make sure to register at

and someone from James’s team will let you in.

I noticed that Teams has a dedicated ‘Q&A’ feature: can I ask that any questions be sent in that way?

If we can all type in our questions into the Q&A in MS Teams, that’d be great.

The agenda for today’s session can be found on the main page (gotta scroll down a bit):