CSS: Box-shadow added?


Hi everyone,

On one of my plugins, I used the CSS attribute “box-shadow” before I learned that it is not supported by Indesign. I forgot to delete the box-shadow from my css file because it didn’t change my UI.

Since the last update of Indesign, some shadows appear on my plugin UI but not as it should. It does not behave properly, so I deactivated every box-shadows.

Was there any official patch notes about new CSS attributes for Indesign in UXP?

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It would be helpful if you could share the InDesign versions across which you observe broken box-shadow.

Yes of course, I’m on Indesign 19.4, macos 14.3.1, apple silicon.

Thanks. That means you are using UXP v7.4.2. We did add support for box-shadow property but that was behind the enableSWCSupport feature flag. By any chance, are you using it in your manifest.json?

Yes I’m using it:

"featureFlags": {
    "enableSWCSupport": true,
    "enableAlerts": true

I’ll try to run some other tests in the next days.
Any plan for “opacity” attributes outside an “rgba” color?

thanks again,

Are changes like this documented or at least listed somewhere?


I am trying to add rules in to UXP Validator including to trying figure out the undocumented ones. Validator for UXP - Visual Studio Marketplace

But for CSS hidden behind flag I am not sure how exactly it should handle it :smiley: Should I wait when it works without flag? Or don’t wait? Or should I complicate my life and do that based on manifest settings? :smiley:

That sounds like some painful choices @Jarda