Styling Buttons

I’m trying to style the buttons to differentiate the plugin controls from XD’s but it doesn’t seem to work. As there a workaround??

This is the result of me trying to add a background.

seems like you are using UXP classes. If you want to customize these buttons, you will have to create them from scratch.

Can I not use box-shadow in the panel??

you can but it’s not going to overwrite the UXP class . @kerrishotts to confirm

Box shadow is not supported yet.

Buttons have limited styling options. You can try using “appearance: none” to see if that gets you closer to what you want. Otherwise most custom buttons are implemented as divs or spans.

@kerrishotts Is the box-shadow supported in the modal??

@Manjila, No, box-shadow is not supported at all in UXP at this point (regardless of modal or panel).