CSS Grid in Panels

Is there any chance that we can expect the CSS Grid to work in panels, in the future releases?

That would be something that needs to be supported in uxp. @kerrishotts might be able to provide some thoughts here.

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It’s on our long term backlog. We want grid support as much as you do – flexbox, while amazing, is not always the most ideal tool to use for UI layout, The downside of the grid spec is that it is quite large, so I wouldn’t expect it to come all at once, but in smaller bits and pieces.


Thank you, Kerri and Steve! that is great to hear. I have to say, the API is much much better now, I have not had the chance to play around for a while and it is so much better than the time I used it last.

Is there any part of grid that is supported at this time?

No part of CSS Grid is supported at this time. It’s on our backlog, but I’ve no timing for it.