Support for Adobe React Spectrum

As I started writing UXP Photoshop plugins I noticed how hard is to get some styling with the CSS (for example the grid is somehow not supported because I get a blank page when I try to use it).

For example the following code produces an empty page:

<div style={{ display: "grid" }}>
      <sp-heading>Hello World!</sp-heading>

Also, as I have knowledge of how to use React I wonder if I can use the Adobe React Spectrum library for the UXP Photoshop plugins? I mean on this library React Spectrum

I already wrote almost all my plugins using that library and I think that it is also not supported in the UXP.

You are correct in both cases - neither grid nor React Spectrum is supported in Ps UXP. You’ll have to use flex instead of grid and only Spectrum UXP is supported for now (but docs in lots of parts are a bit off)

Guess I would have to rewrite everything again then :slight_smile: At least the logic can be transferred. Thanks!

Do you know of any document or a page that has the list of the supported CSS properties? I also saw that the CSS animation is not yet supported.

CSS Reference

Not sure how up-to-date it is though.