How to use React spectrum components in React starter template in UXP Photoshop plugin?

Hey, guys! Hope someone can give me some help with this issue…

I am developing Photoshop UXP plugin using ReactJS. For this, I have created a plugin using ps-react-starter template in UXP Developer Tool. Now, I want to use React spectrum components in this template. How can I achieve this? Any sample with React spectrum components will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance…

We don’t have support for React Spectrum in UXP yet; that’s coming in soon in 2021. Until then you’ll need to wrap sp-% web components (be sure to read the React and Web Components caveats here:


Do y’all have any estimate on when React Spectrum components may be available for UXP development? Or have an alpha/beta that may be available for use during development?

No estimate just yet. When we have something to share w/ prerelease, we’ll make an announcement in those channels, but nothing there yet either. We’re working on it though.