Custom filesystem folder

It would be good, if we can provide optional absolute filesystem path to fileSystemProvider.getFolder() method to get any folder that we want, without choosing it from dialog. It may be useful for generate renditions directly to required folder, without any extra confirmation from user.

As long as there is a permission system in-place beforehand. Otherwise, plugins could do whatever they please with the file system (which, considering plugins are installed with one click, would be catastrophic for the trust into plugins (when there’s a vulnerability, someone’s bound to abuse it, leaving the whole plugin development scene in a bad light)).

With a dialog “Plugin XY would like to write to folder Z” or something like that, I’m ok with it. With a permission system “Do you want to grant plugin XY the permission to arbitrarily write to the file system”, I’m ok with it. Not without one of those :slightly_smiling_face: (there have been many discussions about permission-system dependent features before where I’ve extensively argued my point. I won’t open the same discussion here again, as it’s already been argued plenty of times… :wink: ).