Delete empty layers

In my flow empty levels are created,
is there a way to eliminate them,
I tried recording with alchemist but I have no useful results.

What is your flow? :thinking:

I make drawings and create empty layers where I create lines and colors,
unfortunately in the execution speed I find myself with some empty levels,
and at the end of the project I would like to delete them.

Can you record this script into action panel and then convert action into code using flyout menu?

@Jarda I already did what you told me, but it doesn’t work.

I wrote that script and in header section there is special comment for action recording so I made sure that Action panel would be able to catch it.

I see difference between how Action panel interprets the action


vs Occultist

      _obj: 'a0754df2-9c60-4b64-a940-6a2bb1102652',
      _target: [
            _ref: 'document',
            _enum: 'ordinal',
            _value: 'targetEnum'

Descriptor from Occultist should work.

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Jarda thanks
it worked with occulist
I tried with alchemist and it didn’t work.

who knows why it doesn’t work with alchemist,
while does it work with occulist?

@Jarda a curiosity now I saw that the file deletes empty layers has an extension. jsx why this file. jsx works when I convert the action with occulist, instead if I select one of my files. jsx always in the script menu doesn’t work.?

Occultist tells you what is really inside of the .ATN file. It does not hide esoteric knowledge from you. :upside_down_face: