Different rendering on win and mac

I have input and select fields one under the another. Both have width 100% but thy looks different on win and mac:
Win (it has couple pixels offset on left)

@kerrishotts will review this when she comes back next week. Thanks for reporting!

I’m not sure if I need to create separate topic for that but we found one more problem. On mac input field loses focus on every page update. It looks like win version doesn’t have such issue. https://monosnap.com/file/K8yP5LnMovlQGYuzOH8YCpfPedo5iX

This is a known problem with panels going into from non-overflow into overflow. @kerrishotts can elaborate the solution, or it may be fixed; not sure.

(Are we supposed to be showing panel plugins yet? :wink: )

We have already posted here and on blogs about panel plugins. So yes!