Can't make any inputs in UXP (sometimes)

Hi, our UXP plugin is behaving strangely. Sometimes it is not possible to use input fields, both inside the plugin and in the dev tool of the browser (webview). In the screenshot you can see our UXP plugin and the CEP plugin, in the UXP plugin no text can be entered. Even if I try to make an input anywhere in the dev tools of the browser, I see the cursor but instead of the input appearing in the input field, it triggers the input inside of the application.

This happens sporadically, usually everything works fine but sometimes it behaves strange and I can’t figure out why. I’m on macos, restarting the application or rebooting the os doesn’t help. Our UXP plugin uses webview, I think it possibly has something to do with that. Any ideas?

Just to be clear, is that <input> field hosted in the <webview>? Can you try doing a .focus() on the <webview> element and then try to enter the text?

Thank’s for the response. Yes, the input elements are hosted inside of the uxp webview element.

Calling the focus method on the webview element doesn’t seem to help :frowning:

If I understand correctly, it’s an intermittent issue for you, and this workflow sometimes works. Could you please help share the Photoshop version that you’re using?

We already have reports from other users having the same issue. After reinstalling Photoshop it works again. I was using Photoshop 24.7.

Hello @indranil,

Leon here, CTO at CI HUB.

Our users are still experiencing this issue and we are getting 1 star reviews becuase of this bug. Is there any chance that you can prioritize this within the next development iteration?

kind regrads

Leon Schäfer

We have investigated this internally and there’s an issue in Photoshop propagating key events within a <webview>. We’re working with them and hopefully, they should be able to provide a fix in the next release.

Thanks @indranil, that sounds promising. We would be really happy if this bugfix will be part of the new release.