Help serious issue Webview on Mac (M1)


now inside Webview page on M1 the text input is very limited. So

  • arrow/cursor keys
  • paste and copy via shortcuts
  • command + a (all command keys are not working)

so just

(inside a a dialog of course)
has got all the issues in YouTube search input for example.
I am using Photoshop 24.7 on M1 Mac and I think that this was working before in a version.
These problems do not occur on PC.

Thank you!

:thinking: I thought keyboard shortcuts weren’t yet supported in UXP for Photoshop, but I wasn’t sure, so we were asking around.

Do those shortcuts work without using WebView?

It’s odd that it seems OS dependent…

Also CCing: @pkrishna @Sujai @samgannaway

shortcuts do not work without Webview but this is not the point here.
Inside WebView the text input is extremely limited by now which is a huge problem with our plugin.

So you cannot make a textbox and move cursor or copy&paste there inside Webview on M1 - this is a very serious issue (blocker bug to be honest) since this is standard in every text input everywhere.

Any status update on this? I tested with current 25.0 version but WebView on M1 + text input is still broken. Thank you!

I’ve confirmed that the issues are reproduced on macOS WebView.
I’ve filed a bug to Adobe internal and it will be reviewed by PS team.