MacOs UXP webview for Photoshop is missing file selector


Hi, I have posted similar message in PS community but since it is more dev focused forum I’d like to ask here too: I am trying to make plugin in UXP that is using webview to render some webpage. The webpage itself is using inputs with “file” type. Unfortunately clicking on such input does nothing on MacOs (it does work on Windows though). From what I see in Safari webview documentation it requires implementing some methods on webview delegate. Can anyone from Adobe confirm that this is planned feature? It would be nice to have it working on MacOs too.

Here is link to mentioned webview documentation:

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Thanks @mzuk.
I confirmed that the issue occurs only on macOS. I’ve filed a bug for this issue and will fix it soon as possible.


@mykim has this been resolved? Sadly I am on a Windows machine and can’t verify myself.

If file inputs do not work, does that mean that file drag and drop also does not work?

UXP team has fixed the issue and planned to release the fixed version soon.
However, it requires PS team to integrate the fixed version of UXP and release.
It would take some time.

I think that the file input(selector) is nothing to do with file drag & drop. If the content supports file drag and drop, it should work regardless of the file selector.

cc @Sujai

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@mykim Appreciate the update and clarification, thanks!