Display a Histogram in Plugin


I’m curious if there is documentation, advice, or code to display a histogram into our plugin. Trying to save as much screen space with our workflow and I’ve noticed that once I’ve started adding all the function into our plugin we are losing screen real estate. If I could pop a histogram at the top that we can somewhat customize that would be amazing.

In Alchemist you can find a histogram Document property

      _obj: "get",
      _target: [
            _property: "histogram"
            _ref: "document",
            _id: 3330

I’m just not sure what the numbers mean. I believe you can get all 4 histograms (tone and 3 for each channel)

Hmm, I wonder if you have to build a graphical display using those numbers?

I suppose you can do whatever you want with those numbers, but first need to figure out what they are