Dropdown issue on Windows


I have two dropdowns: Category and Item.
I need to re-build the Item dropdown’s options and set its selectedIndex to 0 (having the first item selected) each time I change the Category.
xdx file attached for a quick look.

Steps to reproduce

  • launch the plugin – both dropdowns are set correctly
  • select another Category

Expected Behavior

The Item dropdown is re-built and its selectedIndex is set to 0. No Item’s onchange event detected.

Actual Behavior

The Item dropdown is re-built but its selectedIndex is set to -1 (unselected state). Its onchange event is triggered.

Additional information

This happens on Windows only. On Mac all works fine.
It seems that the only way is to remove the Item dropdown then create it from scratch each time a Category has changed (uncomment code at lines 125-133)

will look into it this week. If anyone else can help out, please do!

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hi @stevekwak, any good news?