Selected attribute to be supported in options tag

Hello, community!

We’re refining some points of our plugin’s UI, and were wondering if it were possible to add support for selected attribute to be supported in the options tag.
This could allow us to set clearly default values for our dropdowns in our menus, minimising the number of clicks the user has to perform :slight_smile:


Hi @Irina,

could selectedIndex do the trick?

Hi @PaoloBiagini,
I’ve done that for now, just looks a little bit sloppy.

I used it in one of my plugins without any problem.

FYI, this has been fixed internally, so should be out in a couple of XD releases :slight_smile:


This is fixed in XD 18 (the April release that just went live today). Be sure to set your plugin’s minVersion accordingly if you rely on this HTML feature.


Thank you!
We have some awesome plans for our plugins, so will update the code asap :slight_smile: