Add option for user to select version of plugin in Plugin Manager

Add option to select plugin version in Plugin Manager (including any beta versions).

Use Case:
Cynthia is a beta tester for software company that makes numerous XD plugins. Her job is test new versions and log any bugs.

Today a new version has come out. She goes through each feature meticulously testing each one. It is about lunch time when she finds a bug. She had important lunch plans and it looks like she will have to cancel but she remembers versioning was just added to the Plugin Manager.

She opens the Plugin Manager and switches to an earlier version of the plugin and tests again. “It works”, she yells out loud as her co-workers look over at her. She puts her head back down and starts to log a bug for a regression when she remembers the developers were going to push a new beta earlier that morning.

She opens the Plugin Manager, checks the available versions and sees a new beta listed. She switches to the new version and tests the feature again. “It’s fixed” she says. She reports back to her manager and heads out to lunch.

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Later this year, the Plugin Manager will automatically install the compatible version of your plugin in line with XD’s version

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