Get a string containing latest version of XD from web

Get the version number of the latest version of XD from the web

Use Case
Betrand has written a plugin that takes advantage of some of the new features in the latest version of XD but not all users are using it. He wants to notify the user of these new features in his plugin if the latest version of XD is available to support it.

He makes a quick async call online from his plugin and sees that the latest version is out and notifies his users that they can upgrade XD to get new features.

Use Case
Valerie received an email that her plugin is not working. She created a contact form inside of her plugin that a user can send a message. But she notices that some issues are fixed in newer versions of XD.

So she added a call in her contact form to check if there is a newer version of XD available and mention that to her users as they are filling out the contact form. Her users update XD and half of her support emails are solved.

Use Case
Milo is a beta tester for XD Plugins Central. He tests plugins for XD authors. He fills out quality assurance forms on the internet and wants to always be aware of the latest version of XD.

He has written a page that notifies the plugin author that includes the reports, the version of XD that he tested and the latest version of XD that is out. Having the version online lets him include this information.

Is there any reason this has to be from the web?
We have an in-app API that gets you the version number.

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I have renamed the title. I mean to get the latest version available. Not the version the plugin is in.